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officers_club's Journal
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Saturday, April 3rd, 2004
1:42 pm
Putting My Foot Down
"Ow Faramir you're hurting me." The girl complained, wincing as her glasses clattered to the tavern floor. "If you've broken those..."

"Save it." Faramir snapped, not releasing his hold on her arm and shoving her into a corner, grateful that Aragorn, or anyone who would tell him about this wasn't here. There were Words he needed to exchange with his mun and he knew he'd never get the chance unless they were alone. "Here." He added, as he pushed her onto a seat, then shoved the glasses back onto her face. "Now then. We're having a talk."

Faramir steps in.Collapse )

Current Mood: pissed off
Friday, April 2nd, 2004
12:50 am
Normally Dred didn't mind making the trip here. It wasn't that far and the rain was never bad enough that one couldn't ride nearly up to the tavern door. Well, usually. Adding the weather, and a new arrival in the stables which had kept him awake and busy for all of last night and into the late afternoon today, the rider did not find himself in the best of moods.

Then, too, there had been a letter from his father in Dol Amroth, and while he'd only been made aware of this fact by Advisor Theobold, and had not yet read it for himself, he hated to imagine the contents.

They'd not spoken for several months now, Dred and his father, and even the last time they had tried had been strained. Old guilt, it seemed, held the younger man back, continuing to irritate and fester as would an old wound. And every time they tried, Dred had only managed to walk away from the conversation or letter feeling worse. No matter what he did, he told himself again, scuffing at the road, and cursing as a bit of mud splashed onto his favorite cloak, it would never make up for his past, for what he had allowed to happen.

It was a sobering thought, and the last thing Dred needed was to be sober right now. A way to forget would help, he suspected, even as the downpour continued so that soon his clothes were stuck, clinging tightly to his chilled skin. A way to forget and a way to warm up. Possibly sleep. He only hoped the road was not much longer now...

Current Mood: drained
12:31 am
Grumbling, Boromir kicked at the road quickly turning into mud. He hated the mud... he liked the rain well enough, but he hated the mud. He wanted to be somewhere dry. The cold didn't bother him so much as the wet did. Mud, mud, everywhere, and it was starting to get on his clothes.

He disliked the lonely traveller part too. Shaking his wet hair out of his face, he frowned at the quickly misting roadside. He wanted to get inside, and soon. Fortified with something hot - like spiced cider - he could face the mud and the cold and whatever hell awaited him.

But alone, wet, and tramping through the mud, Boromir was not ready to face anything except an open door.

Current Mood: aggravated
Thursday, April 1st, 2004
11:14 pm
Removing a rain splattered cloak, Faramir paused at the bar, ordering his usual coffee. It was never perfect, most people claimed that it tasted like mud in fact, but to Faramir it was a decent enough excuse for caffiene and on a day like today, he reasoned that he could use it. A few minutes and one cup of coffee later, Faramir was making his way across the room and towards his favorite corner. A bookcase, filled with novels of all descption took up some of the space, but Faramir cared not, as he settled cross legged onto the floor, carefully balancing his mug and choosing a volume at random.

He could have sat by the fire, he supposed, to dry himself out a bit more, but there were some things that Faramir still dared not do and this was one of them. While he could appreciate the warmth spreading across the room, he did not need to find himself staring into the flames now and remembering.

Still, for the moment, life was well enough. It seemed that he was the first person here tonight and he wondered how everyone else's days were going, tried to guess who would be next to arrive. Still, for the moment, it mattered little as he leaned back against the wall drinking in the quiet along with his coffee. For the moment, all was well and Faramir enjoyed that...

Current Mood: relaxed
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