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officers_club's Journal

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Nestled right on the border between Rohan and Gondor is a non descript little shack. It's not much to look at, with wooden floors, a simple bar, the occasional bard or minstrel and not much else. Still, to the men and women of Minas Tirith, Dol Amroth, and Edoras, this simple place has become home.

Welcome to the Officer's Club, the home of Kari and Sar's soulbonds and muses, who happen to need a place of thier own to kick back, share a few stories about thier men over a pint of ale, bond over songs by a roaring fire, and simply be themselves after a hard days work.

This community is reserved for alternate reality roleplaying, fictional tales taking place in that universe or whatever else have you.

At the moment, membership is restricted to Sar, Kari and thier rohirric/gondorian puppets but this may change as time goes by.

The Regulars:


sarmajere and far_from_gondor :
The only non officers and non puppets allowed inside the Officer's club, these two are the insane muns who hold everything together. Fear them.


capt_faramir: Faramir is an angsty coffee addict/emo boy. Quiet, Sweet, Senstive but can kick your ass any day. Just as long as he's had his caramel latte.

elessarelessar: Aragorn is stubborn and proud, with a love for beautiful things as he defines them. He tries to capture things he thinks are beautiful or good with any words he can. He likes nothing more than a spot of heady philosophy and a cup of coffee - except "beautiful" company, which he defines as a state of inner poetry coming through.

karis_boromir: Boromir is very strong-willed and protective. He's posessive of anything he protects and will - quite literally - die for family, friends, and abstract ideals. He loves anything related to war, strategy, campaigns... because he loves peace, and can't ever have it for himself.

theodred_king: 18th King of the Mark, Theodred has more than enough to keep him busy for a while, as well as a slew of interesting personal issues that we just won't get into here. The Officer's Club is a place to relax with his friends and plot the death of a certain advisor.