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Putting My Foot Down

"Ow Faramir you're hurting me." The girl complained, wincing as her glasses clattered to the tavern floor. "If you've broken those..."

"Save it." Faramir snapped, not releasing his hold on her arm and shoving her into a corner, grateful that Aragorn, or anyone who would tell him about this wasn't here. There were Words he needed to exchange with his mun and he knew he'd never get the chance unless they were alone. "Here." He added, as he pushed her onto a seat, then shoved the glasses back onto her face. "Now then. We're having a talk."

"A talk..." Sar hated to admit it, but the Captain General voice was scaring her senseless. From one of the rohirrim, or from Erchirion, she may have expected this. But Faramir? And even though she had the feeling she knew what this was about, it was almost better to play dumb. "About..."

"Oh." Faramir shugged sardonically. "Last Night? Do you remember that? What you managed to..."

"But...that doesn't include you..." She tried, earning a hard glare.

"Let's see. The fact that you not only drove Theodred away from Eomer, but Boromir away from me? I'd say that damn well," Faramir leaned in closer, his eyes like stone and cuffed his mun across the back of her head. "Affects me."

"But its not..." Sar blinked, completly stunned. Faramir never...She didn't even think he'd done this at home or in Ithilien.

"Then what is it praytell? And Am I next?"

"I...what are you talking about?"

"You said you wanted Theodred gone. Does this mean you're going to to turn on me now?"

"How can you think that after almost two years? After you lurked since Mid..." Faramir slapped her again. "Ow."

"How can I think that?" Faramir laughed grimly. "You've already cost me my brother and made my best friend miserable. Maybe you'd just like for me to join them...wherever they've gone. I could find it. It would be nice actually. Better than this."

"You're not serious. You can't leave me too."

"When you've proven that you don't give a damn about any of us? That it's all right for everyone else to suffer because YOU are annoyed with them? People get tired of it Sar. THEY got tired of it and now I'M tired of it. "

"Last night..." Sar began, trying to keep her voice from shaking as she gaped at Faramir, "Was entirely Theodred's..."

"Last Night was a joke. You were annoyed with him and wanted to make him suffer, but when you couldn't hurt him, you decided to use my brother instead."

"That isn't what I..."

"DON'T LIE TO ME DAMMIT. You know exactly what you did."

"But I never intended..." Sar sighed, wondering somehow if he was right. "I only...well you know what Theodred's been LIKE. I was sick of it. Sick of him."

"You're a mun. That isn't allowed..."

"I'm a normal human being too!"

"You stopped being normal the day that you let me in. When I thought there was a reason I'd choosen you. Now." Faramir shook his head, looking away. "I'm not so sure. Maybe I was wrong..."

"So..." Sar blinked hard. "What are you..."

"That maybe I don't belong here after all. Maybe none of us do. Maybe it's time I went off and found Boromir before he's out of my reach again. I thought..." And Faramir paused, then, his eyes softening, his voice shaking slightly. He hated to do this, to think of leaving Sar, but for Boromir, whom he would not lose again, he was willing. "I thought that we mattered to you, that our happiness was more important than your own whims. I thought..." And his voice grew softer still, until the words were almost a whisper. "That you loved us..."

"Faramir..." Sar too, was almost crying now, as she looked at him. Her first puppet, her baby, her soulbond. He'd grown so much since the days of CB and during the course of White City. To lose him now... "I do..." She whispered, reaching out to grasp his hand. "And I need you. It's just..."

"Then prove it." Faramir hissed, blinking hard, somehow maintaining his stony countenance. "Fix it."

"I...Don't know how anymore."

"Yes you do. You're just being too stubborn to admit it. But look, they'll be around here later and..."

"Gods no. Not Theodred. I'm not ready for that yet."

"Boromir at least? Because you definitly owe him..."

Sar sighed, imagining how that conversation would go and then she nodded slowly. "Yes fine. I'll talk to Boromir. If he won't kill me."

"You're a mun. Muns are stupid sometimes and you more so than most. He gets that."

"Thanks..." Sar muttered dryly, "Now look, do you think that I could..."

"You're not leaving here until you've talked to him and until things are better." Faramir insisted. "Because I can't allow this to fester. But..." And this time, he offered the slightest hint of a smile, "You're welcome to some coffee while you wait."

"Thanks." Sar rolled her eyes, plucking a book from the nearby case. Depending on where the errant Muses had gone, there may be quite a wait.
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